11/28/2021, 9:30:00 PM

Revisiting this 3-times Oscar winner has been such an amazing and pleasurable experience, hitting in a completely different and yet similar way than when I watched it first time 5 years ago.

The movie just has so many fronts. The coming of age of an extremely introverted kid, with a difficult mother relationship (who's also consuming drugs), a lost father, and receiving homophobic bullying, making it yet harder to express his own sexuality and desires. These multifaceted struggles Chiron faces during the entire movie make this picture feel much less fictional and relevant to one's own life and struggles.

But this feeling of genuineness doesn't stop there: the cadence of the dialogues, the interrupts, the consistency of the character's behaviour and gestures with three different actors, and so many more details are just a deliberate act of screenplay writing mastery.

What I enjoyed the most was how the feeling of longing was depicted. It was almost like a forgotten sense of craving that had been buried, that had developed an understanding of it's impossibility, a stranger that had been gone, and yet it was never dead.

It seems like a mighty long time.