The Pursuit

2/28/2023, 2:59:00 PM

Christian Lete, my dear friend, has introduced me to the concept of The Pursuit. I've always been familiar with the saying that "the journey is better than the destination", but I never had such a clear and visceral understanding of this concept until I was introduced to this word.

It's interesting how sometimes we know of an idea, a notion or an abstraction, but without the right analogy the concept doesn't really stick. And I guess not every analogy works - a good analogy is something that calls for a deep emotion to be surfaced.

When I heard about The Pursuit for the first time, I thought of intense feelings I had like my longing to join a company I really wanted to, my desire for a rebellion of mine to be proven right, my waiting for the message of a girl I liked, the dream of forgetting...

I never enjoyed those moments. But they consistently made me feel alive.

The Pursuit starts very early on, with a smile, a complicit moment, a hug, a moment of silence, a gaze, a silent word. Regardless what it is that you want to achieve.

I look forward to a life that welcomes The Pursuit, that looks forward to it and embraces it. That enjoys every part of it. And that repeats it all over again. All the time.

Where the divine mind is at ease.